Information from the Public about Macao’s Cultural Heritage

    Macao is a long-established city where Chinese and Western cultures coexist and jointly developed many examples of significant cultural heritage. As a legacy from our past generations, the city’s cultural heritage is an important part of the identity of Macao and plays an active role in our daily lives. Therefore, we believe that Macao’s cultural heritage should continue to be protected in order to also be appreciated by our future generations.

    The protection of our cultural heritage is not only the responsibility of the government and the respective property owners, but it is also a duty of every citizen of Macao. Cooperation from all sectors of society if needed to protect the numerous heritage buildings of Macao. As such,  this new internet page entitled “Information from the Public about Macao’s Cultural Heritage” has now been established by the Cultural Affairs Bureau. This new website resource enables everyone within the community to report more efficiently any issues related to heritage buildings in their own neighborhood or in other parts of the city. With everyone’s joint efforts, Macao’s cultural heritage will continue to be well protected in the future.

    Attention: To inform about emergency or dangerous situations, please first call 999, 110 or 112 and make an immediate report to the Public Security Police Force.

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