CAB and IFT Initiate
    Arts and Culture Management Human Resources Training Programme


    Macao’s Cultural Affairs Bureau (CAB) and the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) are joining forces to co-ordinate an Arts and Culture Management Human Resources Training Programme. The threefold purpose of the programme is to promote the development of the cultural and creative industries in Macao, to enhance operations within local arts associations and enterprises and to strengthen the human resource pool in the field of Arts and Culture Management. The Programme includes both the “Arts and Culture Management Human Resources Training Programme”, launched by the CAB, and a “Certificate in Arts Administration”, offered by IFT. Subsidies are available for students enrolling in this Certificate Programme. Through these two curricula, the organisers hope to prepare a greater number of arts management professionals for competent work in the industry, providing a foundation for the long term development of the cultural and creative industries in Macao.

    IFT Offers “Certificate in Arts Administration”
    IFT begins its “Certificate in Arts Administration” programme in June, and the registration period lasts from the 9 to 20 May. As a member of the Cultural Industry Committee, IFT proactively solicits suggestions from various sectors of the industry. Several seminars were held, attended by professionals in fields including visual media, product design, fashion design, fine art, literature and publishing, and among the many valuable issues raised was the demand for management professionals in the cultural and creative industries. In response, IFT immediately began preparing the Programme and arranging the related courses. Because of the fact that in recent years Chinese Taiwan has proven itself a very successful example of cultural and creative industry development, IFT will be inviting professors from Chinese Taiwan to teach in this new certificate programme.
    The “Certificate in Arts Administration”, consisting of a total of 234 learning hours, encompasses 6 courses: Arts Administration and Management, Cultural Economics, Museum Studies, Appreciation of Chinese and Western Art, Exhibition and Event Management and Practical Official Writing Skills. Programme applicants must have completed secondary school, hold a Macao ID and be at least 18 years of age. Those possessing a bachelor degree and/or related work experience will be given preference.

    To encourage applications from local arts associations and to optimise the development of local arts and culture, the CAB is offering subsidies to students enrolled in this programme. Students who achieve an attendance rate of over 80% and pass the examination receive a full tuition refund. This certificate programme is a part of the Arts and Culture Management Human Resources Training Programme. For more information, please call IFT registration at 8598-3160.

    CAB launches Arts and Culture Management Human Resources Training Programme
    The CAB launches its Arts and Culture Management Human Resources Training Programme in September. The programme aims to educate cultural associations on planning, co-ordination, event management and technical management through work practice. Each arts association registered with Macao SAR Government is entitled to recommend one staff member to apply for subsidised training. The subsidies offered are divided into three types according to the actual training hours received per month. Associations may apply for training that suits the needs and limitations of their individual circumstances, and a corresponding subsidy will be provided by the CAB, allowing current and potential arts management talents to gain practical experience working within cultural associations.

    The application period for subsidised training begins in September. To apply, candidates must have completed secondary school, hold a Macao ID, be recommended by a local registered association. Candidates must possess any of the following qualifications or circumstances: (i) bachelor degree or higher in arts and culture, humanities or social sciences; (ii) five years’ work and operational experience in local cultural associations; (iii) completion of any arts administration course of at least 120 learning hours; (iv) enrolment in the IFT “Certificate of Arts Administration” programme.

    The three categories of subsidies correspond to the following amounts of training hours per month: Type 1 – 144 training hours per month; Type 2 – 80 training hours per month; Type 3 – 40 training hours per month. Once the application is accepted, the CAB will offer a subsidy of MOP80 per training hour. For further information about the Arts and Culture Management Human Resources Training Programme, please call Ms. Ng at 8399-6617 or Ms. Tsang at 8399-6394.

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