Mandarin's House estate donated to Macau Museum


    On 27 March, the Cultural Institute held a ceremony for the donation of the property belonging to the Mandarin’s House (Cheang Family House), together with a display of some of the pieces donated, such as the portraits of Mr and Mrs Cheang Yiu Tong and various documents from the close of he 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th Century.

    The donor, Cheang Chan Pong, is a descendent of the Cheang Family, and has lived in the Mandarin’s House for several years. The property donated, 38 pieces/groups in all, includes photographs of Cheang Kun Ieng with his family, a sketch of the Mandarin’s house, an obituary, furniture and documents. This is a precious collection that will form a part of the Macau Museum estate.

    The President of the Institute praised the generosity of Mr. Cheang and presented him with a donor’s certificate.

    He took the opportunity to appeal to the public to donate more property of cultural value connected with Macau history, culture and life, so as to work with the Government to preserve the cultural heritage of the Region.

    The donor’s great uncle was Cheang Kun Ieng, the famous Chinese thinker, industrialist, educator, writer and philanthropist, who was also the owner of the Macau Mandarin’s House; it was in this house that he wrote important works such as “Admonition in Time of Prosperity”.

    The Mandarin’s House is the only surviving building in Macau with architectural characteristics representing the style of a Qing dynasty civil residence.

    The Cultural Institute took possession of the building in July 2001 and is currently engaged in restoration work in line with the building’s original aspect.

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