Renovation of St. Paul’s Ruins Starts on May 10


    The Cultural Institute will renovate St. Paul’s Ruins from May 5 to August 9 to give this famous symbol of Macao a fresh look.

    In order to guarantee quality and safety, the Cultural Institute has appointed a professional consultant company to design special steel scaffolding to help put up platforms for construction. The Institute has designed a large canvas to be hung at the lower part of the scaffolding during the renovation. The canvas is painted with the real image of the bottom of St. Paul’s Ruins for tourists to take pictures. The steel platform at the back of the façade will be closed while the main entrance will be left open for tourists to access the Museum of Sacred Art.

    St. Paul’s Ruins is one of Macao’s most important and famous cultural heritage sites. In recent years, a flock of pigeons dwelled on the façade and their number grew larger due to the nourishment of locals and tourists. The large number of pigeons polluted the façade with excrements, which has not only made preservation works more difficult, but has also affected Macao’s reputation.

    Besides polluting the façade and the area around, pigeons’ excrements also brought problems to the environment’s hygiene. Since pigeons’ excrements contain corrosive ingredients, they erode the bronze sculptures and the surface of the façade. Recently, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau has stopped people from selling pigeon feed. In order to clean up the excrements and plants on the façade, the Cultural Institute will, from May 10 onwards, organize a “St. Paul’s Ruins’ cleaning and reinforcement project”. The main procedures include: the removal of plants on the façade; the reinforcement of the components of the façade; and the detailed mapping and studying of the structure.

    Since there is always a large flow of people near St. Paul’s Ruins and the wind is too strong over the spacious area, traditional Chinese style scaffolding will not be used. In order to guarantee quality and safety, the project will introduce a new style of steel scaffolding that conforms to Macao’s present safety regulations.

    Since St Paul’s Ruins is one of Macao’s important tourist attractions, the “St. Paul’s Ruins’ cleaning and reinforcement project” will be carried out after the May Day holidays. After the renovation is finished in August, St. Paul’s Ruins will once again welcome the world with its exquisite appearance.

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