Cultural Affairs Bureau and General Association of Chinese Students of Macau select Students to Participate in Large-Scale Youth Exchange ‘MaD’ Forum in Hong Kong


    A group of 40 local students has been invited by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the General Association of Chinese Students of Macau to participate in a large-scale youth exchange event in Hong Kong, namely the ‘MaD Forum’. The event will be held from 10th to 12th January 2014 at the Kwai Tsing Theatre. The organisers hope local youngsters will be able to explore their potential through the event, realise social problems from different perspectives, embrace their creativity and develop their innovation so that a forward-looking and creative community can be built.

    The MaD Forum (Make a Difference) was founded by the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture. Since 2010, this activity has been held under the theme ‘change’, encouraging participants to discuss changes in thinking, which is necessary for this era, emphasising action to change the world, supporting innovation and breakthroughs, and generating an abundantly creative civil society. It seeks to reform the present and shape the future. This year, the ‘change’ focuses on taking on greater specificity. It seeks the ‘Fifth Direction’, a metaphor for the exploration of how to go beyond conventional methods and thought, discussing how to reposition at this moment, finding new directions with foresight and creating a different road for the future. It is predicted that this activity will attract over 1,500 youths from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and other Asian regions. Through different creative elements - such as stage, space design and experience design - all participants will be connected in sharing knowledge and thinking out new ideas in this creative experience.

    The three-day MaD Forum boasts an abundant content, in which famous speakers from different sectors in the United States, Denmark, Mainland China and Hong Kong will share their treasured experiences. Meanwhile, innovative workshops and special programmes will inspire youths to put their heads together to discuss individual, economic, social and environmental problems.

    The programme includes ‘An Expanded Concept of Art’, which suggests that everyone is an artist. Art can intervene in the society, and participants can experience the concern, criticism and dreams of artists vis-a-vis society. ‘Spring Term: Elementary Learning’ enables educators to introduce how to use different teaching modes to encourage students to develop their potential and gain knowledge. In IF (DATA == ‘OPEN’) academics will analyse ‘open data’ with opinions from different angles since nowadays everything is coded into data. Other interactive activities comprise Fresh Learners, Social Innovation Studio, Exchange with Speakers, Excursions, Night Walk, Documentary Screenings and Ripple Forum.

    Since 2011, the Cultural Affairs Bureau has collaborated with the General Association of Chinese Students of Macau in recruiting and organising local students and youths to join the MaD Forum, providing them with more exchange and study opportunities and encouraging them to develop their creativity from different angles, therefore cultivating talent for Macao.


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