Cultural Affairs Bureau Celebrates China Cultural Heritage Day
    With a Series of Wonderful Events


    The 9th of June, 2012, marks the 7th annual China Cultural Heritage Day. In observance of the auspicious occasion, the Cultural Affairs Bureau is offering a series of diverse activities including themed shows, workshops, a poster exhibition, concerts, lectures, folk arts demonstrations, special docent services and free admission to various attractions and exhibition venues. In organising these delightful activities, the Cultural Affairs Bureau continues its ongoing effort to raise awareness of conservation and cultural heritage among the general public.

    This year’s China Cultural Heritage Day activities are supported by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao S.A.R. Government. Genesis and Spirit – Exhibition and Performance of Inner Mongolian Folk Arts – Chinese National Intangible Cultural Heritage is a large-scale showcase for the intangible heritage of Inner Mongolia, jointly organised by the Department of Culture of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Cultural Affairs Bureau, and co-organised by Galaxy Macau™. Itincludes the exhibition Memories of the Grasslands, to be held in Galaxy Macau™, East Square, and the Inner Mongolian Folk Performances: Traditions of the Past, which unfold against the backdrop of the Ruins of St. Paul’s. The grand opening of thisInner Mongolian showcase takes place on 9th June.

    With heritage preservation one of the major themes in the development of Chinese culture, China Cultural Heritage Day seeks to create a favourable environment for the protection of cultural heritage, raising public awareness of the importance of its conservation. A China State Council regulation officially designated the second Saturday in June as China Cultural Heritage Day, an observance that should embrace both tangible and intangible cultural heritage. This year, on 9th June, a series of celebratory events will take place across the whole of the Chinese nation, taking as their theme ‘Cultural Heritage, Cultural Prosperity’.

    Mongolian song and dance inaugurate series of celebratory events; Genesis and Spirit exhibition and performance showcase nomadic lifestyle

    Jointly organised by the Department of Culture of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Cultural Affairs Bureau, and co-organised by Galaxy Macau™, the Genesis and Spirit – Exhibition and Performance of Inner Mongolian Folk Arts – Chinese National Intangible Cultural Heritage serves to reflect the uniqueness of China's intangible cultural heritage, to advocate its conservation and to heighten the flow of cultural exchange between the Chinese Mainland and Macao.

    This large-scale cultural showcase introduces the diverse customs and folkways of various ethnic groups, exhibiting items of Inner Mongolia’s intangible cultural heritage and demonstrating the handcraft techniques of its folk artisans. The grand opening of the showcase takes place on the afternoon of June 9th at 3pm in the East Square of Galaxy Macau™, as the curtain rises on Mongolian folk dances and performances of urtiin duu (long songs), Tuvan throat singing and the music of the morin khuur (two-stringed fiddle).

    The showcase includes both the exhibition Genesis and Spirit – Exhibition of Inner Mongolian Folk Art: Memories of the Grasslands and the Genesis and Spirit – Inner Mongolian Folk Performances: Traditions of the Past.

    Memories of the Grasslands, held in the East Square of Galaxy Macau™ from 9th June until 2nd July, portrays scenes of Inner Mongolia, showcasing original items of intangible cultural heritage. During the exhibition period, Inner Mongolian folk artisans will personally demonstrate crafts and folkways including traditional costumes, printmaking, wool felt paintings, Mongolian embroidery, Mongolian birch bark handicrafts and the characteristic paper-cutting of Inner Mongolia. Large Mongolian yurts, called gers, will be built in the exhibition venue, enabling visitors to experience a taste of this people's nomadic lifestyle.

    Inner Mongolian performative heritage is further represented in two sessions of Traditions of the Past, to take place at the Ruins of St. Paul’s, on 9th June at 5pm and again on 10th June at 11am. Skilled performers have travelled all the way from Inner Mongolia to present their folk songs and dances, demonstrating the unique personality and characteristics of the Region's intangible cultural heritage.

    The organisers have arranged special complimentary shuttle buses to transport residents and tourists between the Jardim Iao Hon bus stop, the Galaxy Macau™ Hotel Resort and the Luso International Bank Building (located between Praia Grande and Hotel Sintra), providing a convenient way for all to participate in the Genesis and Spirit activities.

    Recollections of veteran journalist Chan Tai Pak celebrate International Archives Day; Macao Central Library holds poster exhibition

    In joint celebration of China Cultural Heritage Day and International Archives Day, the Historical Archives of Macao have organised the exhibition Witness to Macao History – Chan Tai Pak's Recollections of over Half a Century. Macao's senior journalist, Chan Tai Pak, has dedicated his life to the press for over 70 years. His memory bears witness to the transformation of Macao and the historical development of Macao’s newspapers. Chan’s experiences and recollections are shared with the public in the form of oral history, precious documents and cultural relics, enabling exhibition-goers to retrace Macao’s social situation through history and the development of Chinese newspapers in Macao during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

    The Historical Archives of Macao also hosts the Workshop on Record Preservation and Conservation, held on 9th and 10th June. This class introduces the procedures involved in restoring documents and works on paper. Participants will even learn how to make a simple photo frame. In addition, to inform the public about the value oral history and to facilitate exchange between oral historians in Macao and other parts of the world, the Historical Archives of Macao invites the Director of National Archives of Singapore, Pitt Kuan Wah, to chair the Workshop on Oral History. Ms. Pauline Choi Pui Leng and Dr. Vincent Ho Wai Kit will also be in attendance to share local experiences.

    The Macao Central Library will hold an exhibition of posters, titled Sentiments of Cultural Heritage, at the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library from 9th to 30th June. The Macao Central Library has selected several special posters showcasing past cultural scenes, society and daily life, and Macao's historic artistic style and graphic design skill. These posters, on display to the public for the first time, reflect the hard work done by various sectors of society for the conservation of cultural heritage. The exhibition will travel afterwards to the Macao Central Library.

    Macao Chinese Orchestra performs at World Heritage sites; activities at Mandarin’s House and Lou Kau Mansion open for registration

    In the concert Stories of a Small Town the Macao Chinese Orchestra presents charming and elegant musical works featuring leisurely melodies, adding an aesthetic mood to the ambience of the Macao Museum on 10th June at 3pm.

    The World Heritage-listed Mandarin’s House and Lou Kau Mansion also host several enjoyable activities. The Macao Conservatory Student Chinese Orchestra performs at the Mandarin's House on 9th and 10th June, providing visitors the opportunity to experience the unique architecture of this restored mansion in harmony with wonderfully melodious Chinese music.

    In addition, two workshops on paper fan painting will be given by local artists, demonstrating the exquisite decorative skills that endow these fans with greater beauty and sophistication.

    From 31st May to 26th June, Lou Kau Mansion hosts demonstrations of two traditional Guizhou arts: Silver Ornaments of the Miao Ethnic Group and Lacquerware of the Yi Ethnic Group. Both of these folk crafts, inscribed on China's National Intangible Cultural Heritage List, are imbued with unique and vivid folk and regional characteristics. Renowned artisans Wu Shuigen and Gao Guangyou lead workshops held on 9th and 10th June at 3pm, free of charge.

    Guided evening tour of World Heritage Sites tells Stories of the Old City; various attractions open free to the public

    This year, on 9th and 10th June, the Macao Heritage Ambassadors Association co-operates with several other arts and cultural associations to provide the special evening tour Listen to Stories of the Old City – Poetic Path to World Heritage Sites. The activity guides participants through the Historic Centre of Macao along lanes and alleyways under the glimmer of street lamps at sunset, on a route enriched by cultural and arts activities and performances of contemporary dance. 

    Several of Macao's World Heritage sites and exhibition venues adopt special opening hours, free to the public, on 9th and 10th June. The Guia Lighthouse and Dom Pedro V Theatre will be open from 10am to 5pm (with docent services), while the Macao Museum and Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnshop Business invite the public to visit free of charge on these two days.

    For enquiries regarding China Cultural Heritage Day activities, please call the Cultural Affairs Bureau hotline on 8399 6699, or visit



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