Cultural Affairs Bureau to Install Signposts for Cultural Sites in Mong Ha District


    The cultural heritage of Macao's Mong Ha District is abundant and evident throughout the area. To better explain the history and value of this district's cultural sites and to assist tourists with directions and navigation, the Cultural Affairs Bureau has completed a preliminary installation of informative signposts. Currently, 13 locations of historical and cultural value are marked with the new signposts. They are the Barrier Gate, Lin Fung Temple, the Stone Bearing the Coat of Arms of Portugal at the side of Lin Fung Temple, Sin Fong Temple, Kun Iam Tchai Temple and Seng Wong Temple, Mong Ha Hill, Mong Ha Fort, Kun Iam Tong (Temple), the Site of the Signing of the Treaty of Wanghia, the Stone Bearing the Coat of Arms of Portugal next to the stone steps leading to Mong Ha Neighbourhood, Montanha Russa Park, Dona Maria Hill and Dona Maria Fort.

    The signposts narrate the history and culture of these various sites of cultural interest in Chinese, Portuguese, English and Japanese. While, for Macao's tourists, they serve to imbue the sites with greater historical meaning, for residents, the signposts add to the District's cultural and touristic value, increasing the overall number and distribution of points of interest on the historical and cultural map of Macao.

    The recently installed signposts are markers for the cultural relics in Mong Ha District. In the future, a considerable number of new maps and signs will also be added along the District's main thoroughfare, Avenida do Coronel Mesquita, to assist both tourists and residents in locating the sites. The Cultural Affairs Bureau plans further installations of these informative signposts at various other cultural sites in Macao, the next targeted district being St. Lazarus.


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