Classified Immovable Properties

    MM032-Tou Tei Temple (Patane)

    Location: Macao

    Category: Monuments

    Introduction: Pagode do Patane Square

    Tou Tei Temple primarily welcomes people to enshrine and worship Chinese deities such as Tou Tei (the God of the Earth), Kun Iam (the Goddess of Mercy) and Buddha. It is comprised by a series of architecture including Tou Tei Temple, the Lei San Sheng Mu Hall, the Soi Ut Temple (Kun Iam Grotto) and the I Leng Temple. The various buildings that make up the temple complex were built and aligned in a linear formation along the footstep of the hill. The stone tablet on the side wall of the temple dates from the 54th year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1789), which leads to believe that the temple was built in his reign (1736-1795). Nevertheless, the complex previously underwent several refurbishments and expansion works, and eventually formed its current appearance nowadays.

    Architectural characteristics:

    The temple was constructed on a hill with several chambers that line up horizontally. In order to recover its original appearance, the government has been renovating the temple since 1996.

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