Classified Immovable Properties

    MM026- Na Tcha Temple (next to the Ruins of St. Paul’s College)

    Location: Macao

    Category: Monuments

    Introduction: Near St. Paul's Ruins

    This temple was built in 1888 and rebuilt in 1901. The construction of this small Chinese temple near St. Paul’s Ruins, in the heart of the principal Jesuit enterprise of Macao, reflects the harmonious relation between communities, presenting a good example of Macao’s multicultural identity and religious freedom. Na Tcha is a favourite character in Chinese folk story. Legend has it that he was a teenager hero endowed with powers by a Taoist priest, which he later uses to fight the Sea Dragon King and protect his village. As such, he is worshipped as a god of protection. Every year there is a procession departing from this temple to follow in homage to Na Tcha god, an event that originated in this temple and continues to our days, assuming an important role in the context of Macao’s intangible heritage.

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