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    Procession of Saint Roque


    The Procession of Saint Roque is a religious ceremony that is held by the Catholic Diocese of Macau in honor of Saint Roque, in order to commemorate and thank the intercession of this “patron saint against plague”.Legend has it that it was thanks to his prayer that the outbreak of plague in Macao at the end of the 19th century was subdued. On the second Sunday of July every year, the Catholic devotees organize  a mass and a  procession in his honor. After a mass, the procession takes place carrying the statue of Saint Roque, from St. Lazarus Church, through the streets of the St. Lazarus Parish including Rua do Volong, Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro, Rua de S. Miguel, Rua de S. Roque and Rua Nova de S. Lázaro, before returning to St. Lazarus Church. After the procession, devotees chant and pray for Saint Roque’s blessing, especially asking him to protect the patients and to provide social security for  Macao in general.


    Conservation Status:

    The Procession of Saint Roque is part of a religious program (called “novena”) that is held in honor of Saint Roque. Jointly organized and prepared by charity associations and local residents of the St. Lazarus District, this tradition has been preserved throughout the centuries. Being a tradition that continues to this day, this event and the way in which it is practiced have great religious and cultural significance.


    Heritage Value:

    The Procession of Saint Roque is a long-standing religious ceremony that is very characteristic of Macao, being attended by a large number of devotees every year. The way in which this tradition is practiced and its religious and cultural significance are part of the local religious culture.

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