Elements of Intangible Cultural Heritage

    Procession of Saint Anthony


    The Procession of Saint Anthony is a religious ceremony that is held annually by the Catholic Diocese of Macau, on the Saturday or Sunday preceding or following June 13, in order to commemorate Saint Antony of Lisbon, who died on June 13, 1231. This Saint is very popular and is held in high esteem by devotees, namely because of the numerous miracles that he is credited with. Devotees attend a Mass before joining the annual procession. The statue of Saint Antony that is carried in procession holds in his arms a baby, departing from the square in front of the Saint Anthony’s Church, by way of the Camões Garden, returning to the square in front of the Camões Garden and going back to the Saint Anthony’s Church.


    Conservation Status:

    During the disastrous typhoon of 1874, Saint Anthony’s Church was hit by thunder and caught on fire. From that year onward, the Procession of Saint Anthony became a more regular event. This procession is a tradition with hundreds of years that continues to this day, being an event that is full of religious and cultural significance.


    Heritage Value:

    The Procession of Saint Anthony is a religious ceremony that has been preserved for a long time, having integrated local characteristics of Macao, and being an event that is attended every year by a large number of devotees connected with the the local Catholic churches and the community. . The way in which this procession is practiced and its specific characteristics are elements that provide important testimony about the local religious culture.

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