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    AM044-Building at No. 6, Calçada do Gaio

    Location: Macao

    Category: Buildings of architectural interest

    Since the opening of Estrada da Vitória, the Guia Hill has become a place of western-style residences together with Avenida da República. Particularly along the Calçada do Gaio, there was a diverse array of villas in different styles. Among them, the House at No. 6 Calçada do Gaio is the only extant villa built in the first half of the 20th century. The construction was completed on 1 April 1930, and according to property records, the house has been resold several times. At the end of 1986, the interior of the house was rebuilt into a women’s dormitory for the Macao Health Services Technical School to be used by medical staff for short breaks. As shown in pictures, the colour of the building was changed into yellow at the time. After the Institute of European Studies of Macau was established in 1995, the house was reused as its headquarters. After conservation works the exterior colour was reverted to the original red, and the building has been in use up to now.

    Among many villas in the area, the House at No. 6 Calçada do Gaio is especially outstanding. From historical pictures, one can easily recognise its horseshoe arches. The three-storey structure is built along a street with a semi-basement on the ground floor. The façade of the building is in the style of eclecticism specific to Arabian decorations. It classically comprises three sections. The first section is a foundation with few openings and a array of simple decorative horizontal lines to bring out the heaviness of the imitation stone. The second section is characterized by porched balconies embellished with Arabian decorations. The third section is one of parapets separated by white protruding eaves boards. The Arabian architectural style is reflected in the horseshoe arches above the balconies, the thin pillars, as well as in the geometrical decorative elements, such as the ceramic tile patterns applied to the façades and the brick patterns on the arches of the second floor. The horseshoe arches and pillars are not used for supporting purposes but for decorative purposes.

    The House at No. 6 Calçada do Gaio is one of the few well-preserved and unique residences built in the upper half of the 20th century in Macao. It is expected to shed light on the lifestyle of residents in the area in the 20th century. The architectural style embodies the cultural diversity of Macao combining artistic features from different cultures. Together with the Vasco da Gama Garden, the House at No. 6 Calçada do Gaio is part of a historical urban landscape around the Guia Hill.







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