Classified Immovable Properties

    MT005-Pak Tai Temple

    Location: TAIPA

    Category: Monuments

    Introduction: Camões Square, Rua do Regedor, Taipa

    The Temple was constructed in around 1844. Legend has it that Pak Tai is the God of the North and is symbolised by a tortoise and a snake. In the temple, one can see that Pak Tai is seated with his feet on the tortoise and the snake. The temple is also dedicated to Va Kuong (God of Fire), Kum Fa (Goddess of Golden Flowers, patron of children), Kuan Tai (God of War and Wealth), Choi Bak (God of Wealth) and Lu Ban (God of Carpenters). Chinese characters reading “Long Tao Wan” carved onto the tripod and altar indicate the old name for Taipa.

    Architectural characteristics:

    Pak Tai Temple consists of three parallel chambers and is larger than most of the other temples on Taipa and Coloane. On the lintel over the main entrance there are frescoes and carvings. Inside the temple hangs a large wooden tablet carved with the Chinese characters meaning “The God of the North”.

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