Classified Immovable Properties

    MC002-Tam Kong Temple

    Location: COLOANE

    Category: Monuments

    Introduction: Avenida de 5 de Outubro, Coloane

    The temple was constructed in 1862. Legend has it that Tam Kong was a god who protected fishermen and often revealed himself as a child. According to this legend, a tiger follows Tam Kong every time he leaves home. The temple has a painting of this tiger on one of its walls and houses a three-metre dragon boat made of a whale bone with carvings representing the dragon’s head and tail, a silk banner, parasol, gong and drum, and canoeists which was a gift from the fishermen. Next to the temple is a Chinese calligraphy tablet over two hundred years old, which houses the records of history and civil affairs. Every year during Tam Kung Festival, which is held on the eighth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar, many Hong Kong and Macao residents come to pray for blessings and watch Cantonese opera.

    Architectural characteristics:

    Tam Kong Temple has had three renovations over the past 135 years. The present temple has three horizontal chambers and two pavilions were built on the left and right of the temple respectively. On the pillars there is a pair of modern literary couplets. On the exterior walls there are frescoes and sculptures and in front of the temple is a pair of guardian stone lions.

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