General Knowledge on Cultural Heritage

General knowledge on Cultural Heritage

1. What is cultural heritage?
A: Cultural heritage includes all the assets that, being witnesses with the value of civilization or culture, and bearers of relevant cultural interest, should be the object of special protection and enhancement.

2. What are the laws and regulations governing the protection of cultural heritage in Macao?
A: The Macao SAR government mainly implements specific cultural heritage protection work in accordance with the Law no. 11/2013 "Cultural Heritage Protection Law"

3. Which department in the Cultural Affairs Bureau is responsible for the protection of Macao's cultural heritage?
A: The protection of Macao's cultural heritage is carried out by the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

4. What is the duty of the Macao Cultural Heritage Council?
A: The Cultural Heritage Council, a consultative body of the Macau SAR government, issues opinions on matters submitted to it, under the terms in accordance with the Cultural Heritage Protection Law.

5. What area and how many historic buildings does the "Historic Centre of Macao" include?
A: The Historic Centre of Macao includes the old city of Macao as its core. It consists of 8 squares, 22 historic buildings, and streets connecting the squares and the historic buildings. The total area is 1.23 square kilometers.

6. How many classified immovable properties are there in Macau?
A: As of October 2021, there are a total of 159 classified immovable properties in Macao, including churches, forts, temples, public buildings, Chinese and Western style houses, villas, walls, squares, mountains, and parks. They are the precious cultural resources of Macao.

7. How many categories of classified immovable properties are there in Macau?
A: Classified immovable properties in Macau can be divided into four categories, namely monuments, buildings of architectural interest, ensembles and sites.

8. In order for citizens to report on the status of cultural heritages around the community, which online notification platform was established by the Cultural Affairs Bureau in 2017?
A: “Information from the Public about Macao’s Cultural Heritage”.

9. How many intangible cultural heritage items are there in Macau?
A: As of June 2020, a total of 70 items have been included in the "Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage", and a total of 12 items have been included in the "List of Intangible Cultural Heritage".

10. If archaeological objects are found in Macau, who should they belong to?
A: Macao Special Administrative Region.