Classified Immovable Properties

MM001-St. Augustine’s Church

MM002-St. Anthony’s Church and forecourt

MM003-St. Dominic’s Church

MM004-St. Lazarus’ Church and forecourt

MM005-St. Lawrence’s Church and forecourt


MM007-St. Joseph’s Seminary Church, forecourt and staircase

MM008-Ruins of St. Paul’s College (Former Mater Dei Church, forecourt and staircase)

MM009-Mong-Ha Fortress

MM010-Bom Parto Fortress

MM011-Guia Fortress, Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows and Lighthouse

MM012-Mount Fortress

MM013-St. Tiago da Barra Fortress

MM014-D. Maria II Fortress

MM015-St. Francis Fort and Barracks

MM016-Border Gate

MM017-Government Headquarters

MM018-Headquarters Building of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (Former Leal Senado Building)

MM019-Headquarters Building of the Holy House of Mercy of Macao

MM020-A-Ma Temple (Barra Temple)

MM021-Hong Chan Kuan Temple (Bazaar Temple)

MM022-Kun Iam Temple (Kun Iam Tchai)

MM023-Pou Chai Temple (Kun Iam Tong)

MM024-Lin Fong Temple

MM025-Na Tcha Temple (Calçada das Verdades)

MM026- Na Tcha Temple (next to the Ruins of St. Paul’s College)

MM027-Nam San Temple, Pao Kong Temple, I Leng Temple and Loi Tsou Temple

MM028-Lin Kai Temple

MM029-Ian Tak Tong Kong So (Lou Pan Si Fu Temple)

MM030-Tin Hau Temple

MM031-Sam Kai Vui Kun (Kuan Tai Temple)

MM032-Tou Tei Temple (Patane)

MM033-Old City Walls (Section at Calçada de S. Francisco Xavier)

MM034-Camões Grotto

MM035-Stone engraved with the coat of arms of Portugal (near Lin Fong Temple)

MM036-Stone engraved with the coat of arms of Portugal (near Rampa dos Cavaleiros)

MM037-Foc Tac Temple (Horta da Mitra neighbourhood)

MM038-Foc Tac Temple (Rua do Teatro)

MM039-Foc Tac Temple (Rua do Patane)

MM040-Foc Tac Temple (Rua do Almirante Sérgio)

MM041-Sections of the Old City Walls (near Estrada de S. Francisco, near Estrada do Visconde de S. Januário, near Chapel of Our Lady of Penha )

MM042-Former Chong Sai Pharmacy

MM043-Former Residence of General Ye Ting

MM044-Night Watch House (Patane)

MM045-Sin Fong Temple

MM046-St. Paul’s College Archaeological Site (Section of the Old Wall at Rua de D. Belchior Carneiro)

MM047-Remains of the Man-made Pit on Rua de D. Belchior Carneiro

MM048-St. Paul’s College Archaeological Site (Remains of the College Building and Remains of the Old Walls: Two Sections at Pátio do Espinho and One at Beco do Craveiro)

MM049-Seak Kam Tong Hang Toi Temple

MM050-Pier No.1

MM051-Chio Family Mansion

MM052-No.1 Rua de Silva Mendes

MT001-Our Lady of Carmel Church

MT002-Kun Iam Tong Temple(Taipa)

MT003-Kun Iam Temple (Estrada Nordeste in Taipa)

MT004-I Leng Temple

MT005-Pak Tai Temple

MT006-Tin Hau Temple

MT007-Sam Po Temple

MT008-Temple of Kuan Tai and Tin Hau

MT009-Taipa Fortress

MT010-Old Taipa Pier

MC001-St. Francis Xavier’s Church (Coloane)

MC002-Tam Kong Temple

MC003-Tin Hau Temple

MC004-Kun Iam Temple(Ká-Hó)

MC005-Sam Seng Temple

MC006-Tai Wong Temple

MC007-Kun Iam Temple (Coloane)

MC008-Sam Seng Temple (Ká Hó)

MC009-Coloane Pier

AM001-Santa Sancha Palace

AM002-Chapel of Our Lady of Penha and Bishop’s Residence

AM003-St. Joseph’s Seminary Building

AM004-Headquarters Building of the Orient Foundation (Former Garden House of the Camões Grotto)

AM005-Sir Robert Ho Tung Library Building

AM006-Military Club Building

AM007-Headquarters Building of the Marine and Water Bureau (Former Moorish Barracks)

AM008-Fire Services Bureau Building

AM009-Headquarters Building of the Post Office

AM010-Red Market Building

AM011-Chun Chou Tong Pavilion (at Lou Lim Ioc Garden)

AM012-Headquarters Building of the Banco Nacional Ultramarino

AM013-Building of the Luís Gonzaga Gomes Luso-Chinese Secondary School(Building of the former Pedro Nolasco da Silva Primary School)

AM014-Building of the Lingnan Middle School (Former Vila Alegre)

AM015-Building of the Pooi Tou Middle School (Praia Grande Branch)

AM016-Administrative Building of the Pui Ching Middle School (Former Lou Lim Ioc Residence)

AM017-Building of the Former Matteo Ricci College (Primary Section)

AM018-Dom Pedro V Theatre

AM019-Consulate-General of Portugal in Macao and Hong Kong (Building of the Former St. Raphael Hospital and Garden)

AM020-Official Residence of the Consul-general of Portugal in Macao and Hong Kong (Building of the Former Bela Vista Hotel)

AM021-Building of the Monetary Authority of Macao (Building of the Former Convento do Precioso Sangue)

AM022-Art Exhibition Pavilion for The Youth (Building of the Former Caixa Escolar)

AM023-Former Tai Neng Chinese Pharmacy

AM024-Former Opium House

AM025-Former Court Building

AM026- Former Lok Kok Restaurant Building

AM027-Mandarin’s House

AM028-Building at No. 1, Cathedral Square

AM029-Lou Kau Mansion